Shu Lee’s Family

Shui Tung Lee’s Family

Mr. Shui Tung Lee’s family has been in Kelowna for 5th generation. The family immigrated to Canda from Canton of China. Shui is the 4th generation and can still read and speak in Chinese.
His great great grandfather was a railway workers, served as the bodyguard of Sun Yat-sen in the the Ogan place of residence, then China will (Freemasons) activities. Sun Yat-sen came here to raise funds when he organized a reception activities of the overseas Chinese in Kelowna set to donate $ 300. The local average wage is $ 1.25 / day, $ 300 can buy 2-3 houses. The Canadian government to close to the Chinese poll tax is $ 500. Here attached photos of Lee had great-grandfather delivered the certificate of the poll tax.

The story of several generations of the Lee family, like the ocean and moving. I would like to have the opportunity to ask him to speak Chinese classes for our children the story of the struggle and contributions of Chinese immigrants.

Asian Month is to the Canadian people to understand the contribution of Asian immigrants to Canada - correct assessment of the Asian image and status in society - for the benefit of Asian children and grandchildren. OCCA will not only exhibit the monthly activities of a large number of ethnic Chinese immigration history information, and will continue to collect in the coming years and expand the database, these can make children and grandchildren future generations cited that ho data donated to the Museum of permanent preservation.