Gidda Family

Mt. Boucherie Family Winery

In 1968, the Gidda family planted some of the first vineyards in the province, and the Gidda family has established a strong and well known name for itself and its quality of grapes. After 40 years of growing grapes that won accolades and awards for others, they opened Mt. Boucherie Family Estate Winery.

By 2000 , the family became the largest independent grape growers in the Okanagan.

The Gidda family owns 300 + acres of vineyard land in west Kelowna, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, and Cawton. Stop in for yourself and discover wines from a wide selection of varieties, whether it's the much-lauded Pinots, or a lesser known Blaufrankisch, they will find a wine that is sure to suit your taste.

Mt. Boucherie's award-winning wines reflect the bounty of our 100 percent family-grown grapes, cultivated in Kal and Nirmal Gidda's soil.Family-owned and operated since 1968, Mt. Boucherie has evolved from a masterful grape grower into one of British Columbia's premier wineries.

Operated independently of any other wineries in the area, all of our wines proudly bear the BC VQA seal. From the vineyard to the tasting room, our team strongly believes in the production of the highest quality wines.
Celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2011, Mt. Boucherie Family Estate Winery is located in emergent West Kelowna. With a 20,000-square-foot facility for processing, fermentation and bottling, Mt. Boucherie Family Estate is well positioned within the vibrant Okanagan wine industry.
“A true family-owned and operated winery, our goal is to produce the finest white, red and dessert wines for every palate “

“No timeline, no formality, just a chance to unwind and taste great wines”

Bobby Gidda's Volcanic Hills Winery

In 1950 Bobby Gidda's grandfather Mehtab came to Canada, he was a farmer and loved to grow. Mehtab had $5.00 in hand when he arrived but through his passion and low land cost his work quickly payed off. He was able to lease his own orchard by the 60's, but truly wanted to be his own boss with his own lands.

Mehtab and his growing family worked and toiled, but they worked together, by the 90's they had 200 achers in Westbank, their largest crop was apples. In 1999 they established the first Indian winery in the province.

By 2000 , the family became the largest independent grape growers in the Okanagan. Bobby one of nine siblings were raised farming and helping with the family fruit stand. It came to pass that the three generation of hard work and dedication came together to form Volcanic Hills winery.

Bobby was groomed in growing very early at 12 years old he was handed the cherry operations, he worked hard after school everyday, and also took charge of irrigation. As Bobby grew so did his passion, and when he was old enough attended Okanagan college for Business administration. During this time he worked for the college as well took wine sale class to develop and ripen his skills.

Volcanic Hills construction was started May 2010, and in only month had already won awards, the silver in France, the best new winery, and the Rosa award. Also wining the peoples chose with two wines in one year. In 2013 with Bobby at the helm there is even plans of opening a restaurant at the winery as well, the sweet smell of grapes with traditional Indian food would create a wonderful atmosphere great for relaxing or even holding a meeting.

It truly seems through family and very hard work and passion, that the grapes you sow are the sweetest, but more importantly make the best wine. Bobby advise to new immigrants is “ to keep working, and work hard” but also “love what your doing”